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IR Best Practice: Responsive Website Design

February 26, 2015

According to Q4 Web Systems, 75 percent of institutional investors and analysts use corporate websites on a weekly basis. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – IR websites are invaluable tools that provide stakeholders with the information they need. But it’s not enough to just have an attractive, easy-to- navigate IR website. You need to have a responsive website – one that changes its appearance and layout to be compatible on all kinds of devices, from tablets to smart phones to smart TVs. A recent study by SalesForce shows that 85 percent of respondents consider mobile devices a central part of their everyday lives. With this in mind, not having a mobile-friendly website could make or break your business.


responsive web design


Mobile accessibility was listed as one of the top five problems with IR websites, according to an article by Q4, as most IR websites either do not have a mobile-friendly design or are using one that is significantly outdated. The problem with outdated templates is that they often distort the website altogether, by taking out visuals and making content harder to sort through. If this sounds like your current website design, it may be time to rethink your layout and integrate a responsive website framework.


There are many benefits to building a responsive IR website:


  • Cost and time efficient – creating a responsive website is cheaper and easier than building two separate websites (one for mobile and one for desktop)
  • More consistent user-experience for your customers – the website will look similar on all devices
  • Accessibility – design is not limited to just one device
  • Designed for the future – responsive sites will be optimized as new devices are introduced into the market


Responsive website design is essential to any website, especially an IR site. Your customers, stakeholders and analysts need to be able to access the information they need, when they want it, on their device of preference. Building a responsive IR website is crucial both to your customers’ user-experience and to the success of your company, and it is likely that responsive websites will soon be the expectation for every business.



This article was inspired by a NASDAQ blog post, “Responsive Website: The Who, What, When and Why to Mobilizing Your IR Website,” written by Jennifer Rothenberg.