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Differentiating Your Brand Through Communication

May 16, 2013

It is important for any brand to differentiate itself from other brands in its industry. Different techniques and practices can help you stand out if employed correctly. Here we outline best practices to stick out from the rest of your industry, and attract a larger share of your target market.


–       Fully identify your target – Know not only the key demographics of your target audience, but also the psychographics. What do they think? What makes them “tick?” Why would they purchase your product or service?


–       Identify ways to move the target – Once you know the ins-and-outs of your target, use that insight to try to create an emotional response to your message. Reach your audience on a deeper level than simply providing them with your message.


–       Get insight from other industries – Find out what companies are doing in other industries and locations. Collaborating with others that you’re not in direct competition with is a great way to cultivate ideas and share successful methods of communication you can both employ.


–       Use professional online tools – An online presence is essential to any company. Having a creative and original website can really attract attention from your intended target, and help you stand apart from the competition.


  • Your social media pages should also have a fresh and bold concept to attract more attention to your brand’s online presence.
  • For some organizations, mobile apps are appropriate, and can really make your organization stand out from others.


–       Keep it simple – Regardless of your target, short, simple messages that have effective meaning are the best ways to reach your audience.


–       Maintain consistency – All communication from a brand needs to focus around the same values and messaging to maintain legitimacy and secure an overall brand identity within the target market. Simply by owning your brand’s unique identity, you will naturally position yourself away from the competition.


These are just a few tips to differentiate your brand. It is important to not only set your brand apart, but also maintain your unique identity through consistent and constant communication with your target market. From there, your brand’s message will attract the attention it deserves, and continue to resonate with audiences in the future.


This article was developed through insight from “8 questions every brand should answer,” by Tom Nixon in “The Ragan Report.”