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The Business Benefits of Pinterest

March 26, 2013

Recently, VA created a Pinterest page for the Milwaukee Air & Water Show’s 2013 event. Pinterest is a social media site exclusively created to share pictures and videos. Launched only three years ago, Pinterest is now among the ranks of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and shows no signs of decline.


So how can your business or brand benefit from Pinterest?  Here are five useful tips to get you started “pinning.”


Branch Out

Using Pinterest, your business has a great opportunity to visually showcase your products or services. However, it is also important to go beyond simply marketing just your tangible or intangible products. For example, what are your company’s values? What makes it unique? What is the core purpose of your company? Share with your audience other elements like these that are important to your organization. For the Milwaukee Air & Water Show, we posted pictures of Milwaukee’s lakefront and downtown due to their significance to the event. These pictures don’t showcase anything the event is responsible for creating – but it helps connect with a Milwaukee-area audience and find common ground with our Pinterest followers.


Thunderbirds, U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds, Milwaukee Air & Water Show, Milwaukee Events, Summer Events, Pinterest, Social MediaSub-Categorize

When pinning images to Pinterest, it is important to categorize very specifically what the content of each of your “pin boards” is. When we found we had a significant amount of images or content related to certain individual performers at the Milwaukee Air & Water Show, we made a specific board to showcase those acts. Whole Foods’ Pinterest account presents different food and drink products by creating boards for each specific category or product. Having boards dedicated solely to wine, desserts and even holiday-specific meals, Whole Foods makes it easy to navigate through its account to find pins that best fit what an individual is looking for. Not only does this make page navigation easier for the audience, it allows Whole Foods to archive its content in a way that is easier for them to retrieve and provides categorical infrastructure for future pins.


Watch Competitor Use

Pinterest, like other social media, allows you to view what your competitors are communicating to their clients and audience. It is important to use this tool, as it gives you instantaneous insight as to what your competitors are doing or anticipating. In regards to products and services, many companies showcase what they create for their clients through Pinterest, allowing the online audience to see their presentation and tactics – as well as you, their competitor.


Link Pins to Your Website

Cross promoting your images or content with website links is another important feature when using Pinterest. Incorporating your company’s website URL with all of your Pinterest content can be useful in two big ways. First, your website traffic should increase by linking your content to your company’s homepage. It is always important to promote website traffic – and using Pinterest is a significant and new method to do so. Also, Pinterest content and details are all indexed and sifted through by Google. By having your company’s website URL posted throughout your Pinterest board, it should positively affect your SEO. Using Pinterest is a new and interactive way to share content with your clients and audience as well as improve your company’s overall digital presence.


Pinterest, pinterest logo, social mediaInteract With Your Audience

Like any other form of social media, it is very important that your company does not simply present information in a one-way communication method. Find pins on your followers’ boards that are relevant to your business and “repin” them to an appropriate board on your Pinterest page. Remember that social media, especially Pinterest, is not just another facet to share your company’s message – it is also a way to see what interests and ideas are in society today. Use those ideas and other insight you get from your followers, and allow them to shape and inspire the future of your company.


In conclusion, we hope these five tips will give you insight into using Pinterest to assist in your PR and social media efforts. Pinterest has proven itself to be an important social media tool – and can generate more online interest and traffic for your company. We expect to create more Pinterest boards for clients as it continues to become an important communication medium.  So start pinning!